About Us

Ever dreamt of a place where you get to meet people from all walks of life? Where the mantra is learn while teaching and teach while learning...A place devoid of all barriers of age, gender or occupation..The answer to it would a resounding yes right? Yet sounds too good to be true? Or straight out of 3 Idiots ?

This imagination finally has found roots at HatchnHack - A place where people can collaborate to innovate, develop the maker's spirit and create something new and exciting. The place has been basically started in the wake of a new movement- The maker's movement. Nestled near Mayapuri metro station the purpose of HatchnHack is to provide state of the art tools, technologies, machines and technical know how to people so as to empower them to bring alive their ideas and provide solutions to real life problems.


At it's core level HatchnHack values the maker spirit thus it aims to help anyone - be it an individual, a team or a startup to incubate their ideas and give them technical, marketing and logistical assistance to turn their dreams to reality.
HatchnHack also strives to provide students of various technical institutes with all kind of categorized support and utilizable intel - while creating a web network of complementary skill sets and motivating units to aim and achieve – all while considering and understanding the differential requirements of assets at an individual level and providing them their right of freedom.
We are and will always strive to ignite – improvise – implement : you and your dreams in ways that are fair and large!


  1. To motivate, up-skill and mentor students within various technical institutes of India - in fields that they feel a passionate urge to innovate and contribute!
  2. To understand behaviour of students to various educational setups and their response to the minute changes within them!
  3. To provide wheels to national economic and academic initiatives such as startups and research environment, with particular focus on initiatives that align to - sustainable development goals and virality-utility of maker environment in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

A makerspace is not only a place where you can make stuff but many times it is also a place where you make “meaning” which many times is more important than the stuff you make.” - Colleen Graves

Makerspace is a concept which is a part of a greater constructivist and constructionist movement- Maker’s movement that is steadily taking the world by storm. It is an area where one’s curiosity, imagination and knowledge meet the requisite tools and guidance. It is a space where people from all walks of life can come and collaborate to find solutions to the world’s problems.A makerspace is a collision of art, technology, learning and collaboration. It is a safe area where creativity and risk taking become common practice.

Usually the operational timings are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. six days a week except monday but the timing can vary to suit your requirements. There is also a provision to stay up and night and work but then there are some terms and conditions.

Anyone who is interested and who is curious enough in making things. There is simply no restriction with regards to either age, gender or field of occupation. From amateurs to professionals, from students to professors, from designers to engineers , from photographers to hobbyist - anyone with a zeal to teach and learn is welcome.

Yes, in order for smooth and continuous running of makerspace you have to pay some minimal amount to use the makerspace facilities. You have to choose a package based on the facilities you require. There are a number of packages based on duration, facilities and profession. For more details on packages please do write to us at contact@hatchnhack.com.

The future of projects made in the facility depends on various factors including the makerspace package opted for. However at HatchnHack we believe in giving freedom to the maker to take the final call while still helping them in vetting plausible product scenarios for the product

Yes, we do offer various trainings.Basic training courses and guidance will be provided free of cost to the members of makerspace. Advanced and specialized course are paid training which are open to all. However, being a member of the makerspace you can avail attractive discounts for the same.

Yes, you can bring your materials and tools as long as your tools are confined to your space and doesn’t hinder other’s work. One more things whatever tools you are bringing, they are solely your responsibility and we are not responsible for any damage or misuse of your tools.

Sure, you are welcome to utilize our space for organizing workshops.If you want to organize a independent workshop without any collaboration with makerspace then you have to pay the rent for the place based on duration of that workshop. If you want to organize a workshop in collaboration with makerspace and it helps makerspace in some way than rent for the place can be waived off but again based on some terms and conditions which can be discussed on the basis of particular scenario.