Lounge Area

A space to relax and rethink concepts and processes.

  • High quality artificial grass area of 100+ sq.ft.
  • Separate ideation spaces for groups of 3, 4 and 10.
  • Access to magazines like electronics for you and Make.
  • Idea boards available for all groups.
  • Work hard and play harder- board games to boost team spirit while taking a break from work

Prototyping Area

A separate section to work on physical product based concepts with all requisites.

  • Multiple equipments and inventory for all kind of electronic prototyping.
  • Tools and partnered garage space available for most kind of mechanical prototyping.
  • Seating capacity for 10 makers at the workstation area, and 6 makers at the modelling table.
  • Segregated inventory, tools, equipment and work area for minimum disturbance and effort wastage.

Library, Feedback and Requirement Area

An area with multiple domestic and foreign authored book titles, feedback and suggestion vaults, stationary items, and rare-use items trunk.

  • 80 select book titles on display, with addition of books as per demand in areas of electronics, programming, management and inspirational non-fiction books.
  • Vaults and diaries for suggestion and feedback.
  • Notebooks, markers, pens, folders, markup stationary and others available to issue.
  • Trunk to contain inventory, tools and equipment that is rarely used.

HatchnHack Section

A serene space for self improvisation in terms of skills, habits and thinking required for realising your growth in technical domains.

  • Whiteboard and individual ideaboards for all reservations.
  • Scheduling and review facility available by experts at facility or through video consultancy.
  • 20 seating spaces available in different arrangements according to requirement (workshops, group discussions and private tutions).
  • This space is yours to utilize with considerable degree of freedom.

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