About Us
We are dreamers, developers, strategists, most importantly engineers.
We love to learn, collaborate and create.
We have more than five years of experience in makerspace, electronics, design and art.

Rahul Sharma - Founder & GuRu

Simply Alien.
Personality Type: INTP-A (Assertive Logician)
A hands-on maker with immense sense of joy.
Rahul has been responsible for bringing ideas from paper to reality. He has a tranquil personality unless someone isn't soldering properly. When not tinkering he can be found listening to instrumental pop or reading about time!

Meet the spirited souls


Rishikesh Ranjan YUVA

Making lives happier and meaningful. Rishikesh is very enthusiastic customer service expert, with colossal experience in analytics, research, networking, and humming devotional songs.


This is what we do


We are aficionado of innovation and work with brands, people and agencies to create everlasting adventures.


To build a better world and make life-changing ideas reality while protecting the nature and spreading sustainability.


To enrich human life.