Angels at HatchnHack

Written By : Rishikesh Ranjan
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Earlier we were planning to first launch HatchnHack on a grand scale, and then bring in the mentors to chip in and connect with our joinees (You! ). But on second thoughts, we made an improvisation and decided to first gain valuable insight and suggestions for improvement from our extended family, the HatchnHack Connect Sphere (HCS). For doing this we boldly preponed the event by two weeks. The event was well appreciated and received with gratitude and mutual regard for doing something socially valuable at the moment by the HCS. At about 3 PM the people from different places started gathering at the facility. I personally had to travel for more than a 100 Kms, but given the value that today's event brought, I would do it all again for a week if necessary. The event started at about 4 PM with five members of our HCS community. After quenching their curiosity about the facility, the equipment and our roadmap, we sat down at the game table to introduce them to some projects we had been working for. Soon the discussion swayed to tales from their offices and culminated by an amazing round of an BOLD game on the table. As we were playing, more friends kept joining. At about 5 PM we were hosting 10 friends from different companies, profiles and locations. We shared our vision and our stories to the day.

The interest within the community kept growing as we kept talking about our plans. We talked about the need for them to adopt this facility on weekends, and the value we would create together. They talked about the memories we had from our college days and the chance to recreate them through this venture. It was a perfect match.

Now time felt like passing in slow motion. A tiring wave of new ideas, suggestions and commitments later, we felt hungry. We sat down on the grass in the welcome area and started playing MAFIA while waiting for our food. Rahul kept making God-of-god jokes (literally) and Akshay kept the God role for himself. Somehow, I kept being eliminated in the very first round every game, earning precious time to assist Rahul in the food arrangements. The candid moments of truth and deception were being captured by our in-house professional photographer. Burgers, fries and cokes later, we were in a truly jolly state of mind.

The next round of discussions started from feedback on the website but continued to the feasibility of the plans and vetting of the pricing models. Your future mentors(we call them angels) were now in the shoes of our ministers, vetting and adding to our models and ideas. We were completely randomized, changing places in groups of 3-4 and working on the equipment, the projects and the interiors. It was as if the moment to idealize this makerspace for you. Time flew and memories were created. That is all the event was. The eternal commitment for the friendship and the society was visible in all eyes as we bid farewell till the next weekend.

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