Little Stars of Bharat

Written By : Rishikesh Ranjan

Mahashay Chunni Lal Saraswati Bal Mandir has been one of the schools in Delhi that has successfully managed to integrate western education with Indian culture amongst its students. It boasts of a series of great academic and extra-curricular results. They also have world-class sports infrastructure and an Atal Tinkering Lab. The school had a very special event on 21st August – विज्ञान मेला 2019. Our HatchnHack team was invited to judge these bright minds.

We arrived 10 minutes prior to our commitment and were received by the science coordinator. While we were eagerly waiting for the event to start, our attention was drawn towards a wooden board with a message describing the school’s mission. Now this message may be common for students who have studied from the 12997 schools connected to the Vidya Bharati Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan, but it had us mesmerized. Read and think for yourself!

We proceeded to the prayer ground, where we would be amazed at the Vedic recitations being performed to mark the start of this journey. Few mantras and slokas later, Principal Sir, our team and other dignitaries did the Deep Prajwalan ceremony. We were reminded of our days at CEDT and how our guru there had crafted an electronics inauguration lamp that would emulate the same feeling. Next the zonal secretary of Vidya Bharati smashed a coconut at the brightly coloured paper Rangoli to mark the initiation of the Science Fair. After motivating the students from the prayer ground, Principal Sir provided us with our guides who would take us to our divisions, interesting grouped by Bal (Classes 6th and 7th), Kishor (Classes 8th and 9th), Tarun (Class 11th) divisions; and Maths, Science, Computer and Arts themes.

We were provided with the marking files, and escorted to the different zones for evaluating the budding scientists, technocrats, artisans and mathematicians. What amazed us was the sheer number of participants, eagerly waiting to interact and present their models, prototypes and demonstrations in the twin floor U-shaped corridors. For the past hour, they had already been presenting their thoughts and conversing with different visitors to their stalls, but still they remained excited and enthusiastic towards their marking.

We were supposed to mark them upon 6 different factors ranging from their presentation to the functionality and utility of their created concepts. We would be very peculiar regarding their different ideas and imaginations, and were glad to notice the effort that they had put behind their models. From concepts of Li-Fi and Acoustic Resonance to memory marmalades for our team in form of IR based Helmet Safety, and even simpler things like Alternative Energies and Sustainable Energy in Farming – The plethora of demonstrations kept us amazed! We are providing a slideshow for you to witness the same…

After the event was over, we headed back to our realm of creating electronics and through the vivid memories of what the ‘Little Stars of Bharat’ are capable of making, we became even more firm in our resolve. The school team has requested us to volunteer for igniting their technical curiosity and providing more support and knowledge to these stars, a request that is actually an opportunity for us to remain motivated and inject into ourselves the spirit of learning through dreams. A day which was not merely – सफल but सार्थक!

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