Waste to Greens

Written By : Apoorva Mahajan

Waste to Greens is an initiative to promote atma-nirbharta and sensitize people towards the environment. HatchnHack believes in Sustainable development and thus we supported this one of a kind contest whole-heartedly. So what is the story behind Waste to Greens?

Waste to Greens- A Social Awareness Initiative

" Being Atma nirbhar starts from your own ghar! "

We believe that in order to become Atma nirbhar as pointed out by our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, we need to start from home. We were also aware of the ever-increasing volumes of reusable garbage being disposed of in the landfills. Combining both of these, we came up with a month-long endeavour, Waste to Greens where we encouraged people to grow fruits and vegetables at home and re-use the kitchen waste generated at their homes to nourish the plants they were growing.

The idea was to provide a platform for kids to engage in the healthy habit of gardening. In these times, when we have limited resources at our disposal, the knowledge of gardening comes in handy. By indulging kids in this activity we wanted to bring them closer to nature and through them wanted to reach out to a wider audience.

This cross-country competition invited kids to come together for a greener India and encouraged them to grow plants in their balconies, terraces, open spaces etc. Later, they were encouraged to also share useful tips from their own personal experience with regard to the utility of waste items in the growth of plants. As a proof of concept we kept the number of entries quite small and manageable, reaching out just to near friends and family through Whatsapp. The event kick-started towards the end of July when kids from different parts of India enthusiastically registered for the event. From August they started growing varieties of plants including micro-greens and sharing their pictures and experience with other participants in a dedicated whatsapp group. The most important aspect of this competition was communication between participants where they shared essential ideas which could help in removal of pests and enhance the growth of plants.


Midway between the event we also collaborated with Ms. Veena- A homegrower who is a proud plant mom to 50 potted plants at her place! She gave some really good inputs and suggestions to the participants while also scientifically busting certain myths and hacks about gardening. ((Beware of them :D ))

In the last stage, the participants were asked to take pictures at different stages of their plants’ growth and also express their take-aways from this event in the form of an essay.We would also like to thank BioQ for helping us to sponsor the winning prizes and HatchnHack for giving such a wonderful platform to encourage the participants.

We had a wonderful experience with this activity, the enthusiasm of the kids, their parents, the green photos and collages shared on the group are all memories to cherish. This has also encouraged us to hold more such contests while reaching out to larger audiences in the future. For us, this was a small step towards a greener, cleaner, and atma-nirbhar India.

We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us -Waste to Greens (Apoorva and Shanmukhi)

Introducing the winners!

The second runner up goes to Lavanya Churoria.

Lavanya_1 Lavanya_2

The first runner up goes to G.Sree Divya.

Sreedivya_1 Sreedivya_2

The first prize goes to D.Manasvini.

Manasvini_1 Manasvini_2

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