Ever dreamt of a place where you get to meet people from all walks of life? Where the mantra is learn while teaching and teach while learning...A place devoid of all barriers of age, gender or occupation..The answer to it would a resounding yes right? Yet sounds too good to be true?

The HatchnHack Makerspace is located in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi with prime focus on building community of tech enthusiasts. We provide the best in class tools and resources to enable you to build your dream projects.

3D Printing
Access the Hydra 250 3D printer.
Maximum build volume 25x25x25cm with heated bed.
Print supported ABS, PLA, PET-G, NYLON and composite metals and wood.
The jewel of HatchnHack.
Multiple soldering and smd rework stations.
Regulated DC power supplies.
Bench top multimeter.
Colossal of electronic/embedded prototyping components, resources and DevKits.